GREAT Britain - GREAT Britain
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From the south coast of England in Brighton over Cornwall, London to Wales; continuing into the Midlands up to the north of Scotland with Edinburgh and the Loch Ness: this video showcases many typical images a visitor could discover throughout the UK.

On several occassions I travelled through Great Britain and had the chance to gather many sights of the countryside and the lifestyle. For this contest I decided to combine them into what is known as 2.5D or Parallax animation. The reasons for this decision were twofold.
First and foremost, the briefing gives the Lovewall (a collection of static images) as a visual reference. So I felt an animation using the visual strength of a static image, that captures a single beautiful moment, is a perfect interpretation of this visual reference.

Second, those static images could be better prepared to be fully released along the rules of the contest. For instance, shooting video on a busy place like the Picadilly Circus in London would impose many difficulties from set preparation up to dealing with the animated advertising on the video walls in the background. Using a photograph with minimum DOF as source instead and applying sophisticated 3D animation techniques along with replacing the original ads with custom created dummy ads still captures the feeling of a summer evening at this vibrant inner city location - without breaking the terms of the briefing regarding releasability.

As a target demographic of this video as a commercial I had primarily young families travelling with children in mind - but it should work for most international audiences as well. The protagonist girl in the video explores Britain's sights, weather, scenery and food in a way, that universally conveys the message the briefing is asking for: be inspired by the surprising, tasty, mythical and beautiful things you will discover when visiting Great Britain.

Photography, Animation, Music and Direction/Editing - Jobst von Heintze
Girl discovering GREAT britain - Charlotte Kliem

Credits (3):

Jobst von Heintze Jobst von Heintze

Director of Photography