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'I gave up my soul wandering, but i found my road to home.'

The Road to Home

A poetic essay exploring young man relationship with home through city and nature.

written and edited by Saulius Baradinskas
in a collaboration with Irena Vyšniauskaitė

Big thanks to Karolina Kapustaitė, Kotryna Laučytė, Ugnė Menkevičiūtė, Marcelle Paga and Justin Tyler Tate.

Narrated in lithuanian.

We are all stars in search of a path.
The road that leads us from home and back home.
The way that guides from ourselves and towards ourselves.
The road from the woods to a city of stars,
Because life is a journey.
Life is a outcry, when you are scared to lose, someone you love,
Life is what you meet in the road.
And you realize: maybe now its the time when I begin to construct my soul?
Or perhaps „I will find the wisdom of my ancestors, so I don‘t need to go anywhere“
And just stand here?
Like a symbol of peace, blessing and beauty.
I gave up my soul wandering,
but i found my road.
My road to home.