Hannah Ild - Awakening
Submitted 28 January, 2014. View all videos.


When your soul gets off-track, it falls into a soft, almost unconscious sleep, without you even realizing it. You suddenly wake up one day and feel empty and lost. You feel no longer connected to your roots, to your mother ship, to your true self.

So you feel the urge to start a voyage of awakening, to re-connect with the original YOU. And the voices in your head take you to the places where you first started to see the world around you. Where your visions got the first colors and the air filled your lungs for the first time. You reach those places like a bird on her homeward rebound.

You seem to be looking for something and slowly get the feeling you’re close to it, you almost found it and it surrounds you. The quest to find your true self has reached its peak. You were thirsty for soul, energy and imagination and the places of your home gave you water. Your soul feels like a newborn and the process of creation can restart.

The answer wasn’t someThing, it was someWhere. At the fountain of your youth.