Eric Whitacre - Enjoy The Silence
Submitted 24 November, 2013. View all videos.


I find the notion of representation exciting; how a form of art or song can evolve when passed through the hands of different creators and external elements. I love the song 'Enjoy the Silence' by Depeche Mode; it has had a long-standing affinity with my youth and is very personal to me.

Eric Whitacre's interpretation of it; it delves into the beautiful and the sublime, the pain and the peace. It is simultaneously stunning and haunting which inspired my visual concept.

The song can be read in many ways, my take on this is that one can find beauty in silence, solitude and the melancholy within that can offer a sense of comfort.

I had a knee operation earlier this year and spent a considerable amount of time off my feet. I spent that time making 1000 paper cranes; which in Asia is a symbol of hope, good fortune and happiness. This repetitive action posed a form of therapy for me. Making them, allowed my mind to wander where physically I could not.

I managed to complete the shoot on crutches; it was a long couple of days, but had help from some wonderful friends. It was very emotional to see it all come together.

Through particularly difficult struggles in life can sometimes be born the most stunning and tender of expressions.