Dead Can Dance - Children of the Sun
Submitted 27 February, 2013. View all videos.


The song's lyrics about the evolution of the human spirit and celebration of nature, are personified by the eternal and ancient battle between the King of the Sun and the King of the Shadows.

The Sun represents the positive aspects of Mankind, always trying to peek through the stormy, turbulent clouds that are the darker, self-destructive side to Man.

And as the video shows, there is always hope amid the darkness, as the Child of the Sun invokes the solar spirit from within her, to bring the sinister floating rock, brought to Earth by the King of the Shadows during an eclipse, crashing to the ground.

This triumph of will is passed to future generations through our offspring, becoming part of our very core and what makes us human.


Not only do the visuals have to connect to the lyrics, but the visual and audio tonality have to mesh, too. Children of the Sun is full of dichotomies: Soaring and epic, yet deeply personal and intimate. It looks both outward and inward, melancholic but uplifting.

I tried to match that with the visuals: creating wide vistas to give a sense of scale, but also bringing it down to a human level an audience could relate to. Thematically and visually, I wanted to tell a story that was as timeless as the music, wrapped in beautiful cinematography and art direction.