Moby - Wait For Me
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Mumbai is a city built by migrants. It is also the commercial capital of India. We have always broken our heads trying to figure out something the various communities, religions, races of people of Mumbai have in common.

The only thing that comes to mind is the very iconic 'Mumbai Cutting Chai', a special kind of half glass of milk tea which packs quite a punch. In many ways the spirit of Mumbai, this form of Tea is drunk by almost everyone who lives in this city. Age, religion, caste, race no barrier.

The 26th of November terrorist attacks were shocking, difficult to get over and left us all empty and sore on the inside. All this followed by a blame game, no answers, no action whatsoever.

But the people of Mumbai bounced back. Life went back to normal. But we're sure no one has forgotten 26/11.

This is our tribute to the city we love so much and it's spirit.

- Sohil & Rohan