Duran Duran - Blame The Machines
Submitted 21 February, 2011. View all videos.


A lonely man creates a robot girlfriend that is perfect in every way. However, the other appliances in his apartment band together and send her electromagnetic messages to turn her against the creator as they feel he is exploiting their "race". She becomes so controlling and dangerous that he has no choice but to destroy her and the rest of the machines. The love affair is ended, indeed.

We wanted to make a video that captured the comedic irony of the lyrics while having the same energy and fun spirit of the song. We had a wonderful time making it! Thanks to Genero for these great competitions that help filmmakers get exposure, and thanks to Duran Duran for the opportunity to make a video for such a legendary band an an awesome collection of songs.

Bonne chance à tous ! Good luck to all !