Royksopp - Tricky Two
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Röyksopp - Senior video_part two

We are an enthusiastic hungarian music-lover team.We are friends, and this is our first film. Some of us has something to do with film making, there are editors, and musicians in our team, but most of us work in an entirely different area. The common thing apart from the frienship is that we always wanted to do something exciting, that gives us a challenge, that leads us to stop, and reflect, and we felt that Senior is something worth to deal with. We listened to the album, and thougt, we have to do one video that contains all the tracks, one story about a man who had a normal life before he meets the something, which affects his life like a drug. Is he only dreaming, in fact is he there?

Cast: Tamás Pordán

Director, Editor: Krisztián Jankai

First Assistant Director: Ferencz Nagy

Camera Operator: Ádám Gyõri

First Assistant Camera: Barna Trajtler

Chief Lighting Technician: Krisztián Paluch

Make-up Artist: Dalma Podhorányi

Screenplay: Rita Frankó

Colorist, Special Effects:: Zoltán Várfoki

Set Decorator: Csaba Kürti

Attila Imrik

Zsolt Szöllõsi

Sándor Dömötör

Adrienn Drozdz

Music Editor: Péter Mészáros


Csaba Kürti
Krisztián Jankai
Rita Frankó
Ferencz Nagy
Richárd Lánczi

Special Thanks to:

Judit Lóránt

Attila Lóránt

Csaba Tóth

Dávid Somlai

Béla Jankai

Post Edison Ltd.

Greenbox Ltd.

Sparks Ltd.


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