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Welcome to the Genero Video Store

The Genero Video Store is a place where filmmakers offer their non-selected Genero video submissions for sale. Filmmakers set their own prices and artists, bands, labels, brands - anyone looking for exceptional video content - can buy the videos to be re-edited to suit their project.

We often get dozens of video submissions for projects, but sometimes there’s only one official selection. We want to maximise what you get out of your amazing video content by providing a central store so you can sell your videos once the projects are over!

Set a specific price, or accept offers. You control whether the sale goes ahead or not, depending on the intended use for your video and the project requirements. Once you’ve accepted and the buyer has made the payment you’ll then work with the buyer to re-edit your footage for their project, and deliver the final video.

How the Video Store works

Here’s a rundown of the process for completing a transaction via the Genero Video Store:

- Buyers will browse through the store, find a video they like, and place an order.

- Check the details of the offered project. You can accept at the offered price (or update a new price), ask some questions or decline.

- Once accepted we’ll ask the buyer to make payment before the project proceeds.

- It's very important that you do not start work on the video edit until Genero has confirmed payment has been received and we've given you the buyer's contact details.

- Once we’ve received the payment we’ll email you and the buyer with contact details so you can work together and complete the project!

- Re-edit your video for the requested project and deliver the completed video to the buyer. Then mark the project as “Delivered”.

- Once received, the buyer will marked the order as "Complete", at which point Genero will make the payment available to you. You can request the payout from your payments dashboard at any time.

Video Store: Setting your price

A non-selected Genero video (any video that is not an official selection or runner-up, IE: does not receive a payment) is able to be sold immediately after the project results are announced on the Genero Video Store.

To set a price on your Genero video, visit your Store Dashboard.

By default videos are set to ‘Buyer can offer a price’. With this setting your videos will appear in the Video Store with “Enquire, make an offer” displayed. Potential buyers will be able to make you an offer to have your video re-edited for their project.

To set your own price click “Set price”. Enter a price in USD$; the minimum price to sell a video is $500. Genero takes a processing fee equivalent to 20% of your set price, or a minimum of USD$150 - whichever is higher.

To remove your video from the Video Store click “Not for sale”. Note: your video will only be hidden from the Video Store - it will still be visible on the rest of the site as normal.

Video Store seller fees

For videos that you sell in the Genero Video Store, the transaction fee is equivalent to 20% of the price you set (or the offer price you receive), or $150 - whichever is higher.

This amount covers marketing your videos to buyers, transaction fees, hosting, and other associated costs.

All amounts displayed and used in transactions are in US$.

We clearly display the sale price, fee and payment amount in every offer or order you receive, so you can see the amounts before you accept an offer for purchase.

Note: there may be other associated fees when receiving your funds via PayPal or Payoneer, performing currency exchange, or other transfer fees charged by your financial institution.

How much should I charge for my video?

The minimum price for selling a video on the Genero Video Store is USD $500, but we think your videos are worth much more than that!

Things to consider when setting your price are:

- Remember, the price you set includes up to 10 hours of editing/post.
- Consider your production costs as well as your staff, crew and cast.
- You’ve created beautiful, original content. Don’t undersell yourself!

Browse the Video Store to get an idea of the range of prices. Remember, you will be transferring the rights to the video to the buyer; set the price so that you’ll be happy to send your creation out into the world!

Completing and delivering the new video

Once the buyer makes payment for your video we’ll send each of you an email sharing your contact details (email). Work with the buyer to re-edit your video for the new project.

You will be transferring the rights to your video to the buyer. They will require release forms for your video - you should have these completed for your Genero submission, so make sure you provide these to the buyer when you deliver the video.

Check with the buyer for the delivery requirements (how you should send the final product). For transferring files up to 2GB we recommend services such as DropBox or WeTransfer. For files larger than 2GB, we recommend sending to the buyers FTP server (if they have one) or using physical media such as sending a USB thumb drive by FedEx (or similar).

Once you have sent the final video to the buyer, mark the order as “Delivered” in the Order Summary. When the buyer marks the order as “Completed”, we’ll release the payment amount to your Payment Dashboard.

What is my payment dashboard?

Your payment dashboard is where you find all of your individual payments from Genero, ready for payout. Payment amounts are added to your payments dashboard each time you deliver a sold video and the buyer marks the order as “Completed”.

All payments are transferred in USD$. You may incur PayPal or Payoneer fees by converting USD$ to your local currency, or moving the funds to your linked bank account or credit card (if available in your country).

You must be located in a country that can receive funds to Paypal or Payoneer. If you're not in a country that can receive funds by Paypal or Payoneer, contact us for more info. Additional payout options will be coming in the future.

What can I leave in my video?

Genero filmmakers always retain full rights to their own video footage for non-winning video submissions (ie: any project where you did not receive payment).

When you re-edit a video for a buyer you must remove any asset that was provided as part of the project. This includes the song, any provided footage, any graphical assets and anything else that may have been provided explicitly for use in the original Genero project.