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I'm having trouble uploading my video

If you can't upload your video please check the following details:

  • Use the latest version of a modern browser (we recommend Chrome or Firefox)
  • File type: we prefer MP4 or MOV
  • File size: must be 500MB or less
  • Encoding: we prefer h.264
  • File name: standard characters, shorter names are better
  • Aspect ratio: should be 16:9 or wider up to 2.39:1
  • HD: should be 720p or 1080p

If you have confirmed that your file meets these requirements and you're still encountering issues, please contact us.

What aspect ratios do you support?

We only support 16:9 format (widescreen) or wider so please don't upload any 4:3 videos. For many of our projects, the selected video will be used as the official video. This means that your video should be compatible with industry and media platform standards, which is currently 16:9 or wider. 

All videos wider than 16:9 will be automatically formatted by our video encoder for the best playback on our site. However, the widest our encoder will handle is 2.39:1. If your video is wider than 2.39:1 please letterbox your video to 16:9 prior to upload.

For more help about aspect ratios this Wikipedia page is a good place to start.

What is the limit on file size for upload?

Please ensure your video upload is less than 500MB.

What are the recommended settings for videos?

Export and compression settings vary depending on what software you are using, and it can get tricky! We've tried to simplify the key settings though that you should be aware of, to make it as easy as possible! Look for the following settings in the software you use, they may appear under the "Advanced", "Settings" or "Options" tabs.

• Select H.264 for the video codec and AAC for the audio codec

Frame Rate
• This should usually be set to 25

• Refers to how often the compressor references your uncompressed video, set it to every 30 frames

Data Rate
• 5,000 Kbits/second for widescreen high definition

• Minimum 1280x720 for widescreen high definition, or preferably 1920x1080. We no longer accept any SD videos as these cannot be used as an official video in today's media. We also don't accept 4:3 videos, or videos that are wider than 2.39:1.

• Yes, otherwise strange horizontal lines might appear in your video

Sound Sample Rate
• 44.1 KHz or 44,100 Hz

Audio quality
• Select a bit rate of at least 128 Kbps

• You video should be 2-channel stereo (not mono, not 5.1 stereo)

How do I get my video under 500MB?

To acheive this we often use a program called MPEG Streamclip - it's available on both Windows and Mac and should let you reduce your output file to varying quality settings of MP4 H.264 output.

Export your video from your editing software at a high quality, then open your exported file in MPEG Streamclip. Experiment with different output settings to reduce your file to an MP4 under 500MB while still keeping good HD quality.

Note: we do not officially endorse MPEG Streamclip, but we're happy users. Installation and use of MPEG Streamclip is at your own risk. You may find many other software tools to achieve the same outcome.

My video has not been approved because it has black bars, or is the wrong aspect ratio

If your video has not been approved, it is possibly due to one of the following reasons;

Aspect Ratio
We need your video in HD, and 16:9 or wider (up to, but not wider than 2.39:1) so that we can use it in all media types if selected as the official video. If you want to check your aspect ratio, you can divide the width by the height, eg. the minimum resolution we accept is 1280x720. Dividing the width by the height gives you 1.7778, which is 16:9 (16 divided by 9). If your video is wider than 2.39:1, please letterbox your video to 16:9 prior to upload. Read more about aspect ratios (Wikipedia).

Black Bars
Vertical black bars (pillar boxing) or black bars surrounding your video (window boxing) are NOT acceptable. Sometimes, exporting a 4:3 movie to 16:9 simply adds black vertical bars left and right of your footage, this is still a 4:3 video, and won't be approved. If your video is wider than 16:9 (eg. 1.85:1 or 2.39:1), our transcoding process will add top and bottom black bars so that it plays within our 16:9 player, or you can add them yourself so that it is uploaded as a 16:9 file.

We don't allow any credits to appear on the video. There is space on your video's page (when uploading) where you can put credits and extra information. Titles (not credits) are acceptable if they are an integral part of the creative idea.

What is HD?

HD stands for "high definition" which gives a richer, clearer, and more life-like picture than standard TV.

Please note we no longer allow SD video submissions - this is because they cannot be used as an official video in today's media.

For project submissions, please upload an HD version that has a minimum resolution of 1280x720, or even better if it has a resolution of 1920x1080.

I am having trouble registering or receiving the activation email

If you are having trouble registering, or haven't received the activation email, please follow these steps;

1. First, check your spam or junk folder for an activation email.  Unfortunately legitimate emails are sometimes classified as spam.

2. If that doesn't help, please send us the following;
- operating system, browser & version you are using (eg. Windows 7, Google Chrome, (38071), the version can be found in the About menu of your browser
- your IP address by going to, it will show you a series of numbers separated by dots, just copy and paste those and send it to us.

3. It is always best to make sure you have the latest browser version installed, please use one of the following;
Apple Safari for Mac or PC
Mozilla Firefox for Mac or PC
Google Chrome for Mac or PC
Internet Explorer for PC

What broadcast specs will I need to supply if I my video is selected?

IMPORTANT: all officially selected videos will be required to upload a broadcast quality version of their file, usually via FTP. If you are unable to supply a broadcast quality file to the client's specifications, your video may be deemed unable to be selected.

Use the below specs as reference only - once selected we will contact filmmakers directly with the exact specs as required by the client:

Codecs: Apple ProRes 422 (HQ)
Scaling: Content may NOT be upscaled from SD
Frame size & rate: 1920x1080 25fps Interlaced/Progressive or 29.97fps Interlaced/Progressive or 23.976fps Progressive (1280x720 Progressive only. Note: may be supplied to broadcast as SD)
Color space: ITU-R BT.709

Audio: Stereo LPCM in either Big Endian or Little Endian, 16-bit or 24-bit, at 48kHz (Audio levels should remain constant at -6db as much as possible. Please prevent audio levels going below -12db.)

Clients often require a quick turnaround for broadcast files. With this in mind please familiarise yourself with creating ProRes files in your editing software of choice.

Can I replace my video with an updated edit?

You can replace your video with an updated edit and you'll keep all of the votes, views and comments your previous version had.

Just follow these simple steps;

- Login to your account
- Click your PROFILE image at the top right corner of the site
- Click on "Manage My Videos"
- Click on "Edit Video" for the video you want to update
- Click the REPLACE VIDEO tab
- Follow the steps from there

If you want to upload an entirely separate and different submission, then don't use the process above - you should upload a new entry from the project page.

Embedding Vimeo videos

Important information for adding Vimeo videos to your Profile or treatment submission.

In order for your video to play correctly for prospective clients on Genero, your video must either be public (set to "Anyone can watch"), or you must enable '' in your embed setting for each video (Vimeo PRO). Here's how to do it:

  • Login on Vimeo and manage your videos
  • Click on the video you want to use on Genero
  • On the General tab, scroll down to find "Where can this be embedded?"
  • Select "Specific domains" from the list, then type "" in the field and then click the "+" icon in the field to add it to the list.
  • Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the page.

You must repeat these steps with every video you're adding on Genero.