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Quality Ranking and Achievements

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What are Quality Rankings?

Genero introduced Quality Rankings to reward and highlight creators who consistently deliver high quality results. Rankings are shown on your profile in various parts of the platform.

Bronze and Silver

Bronze and Silver rankings are achieved by submitting high quality pitches and/or completing commissioned work on Genero. The Genero team may also directly assign Bronze or Silver rankings at the discretion of our moderators and community team.

Gold and Platinum

The Gold ranking is assigned to creators or production companies who consistently complete exceptional work on Genero.

The Platinum raking is assigned to Production Companies (or established teams) who consistently show exceptional results executing high budget, complex, broadcast-level productions.

Gold and Platinum rankings are assigned directly by Genero based on the overall quality of work of the creator. We periodically review creator accounts as you complete work on Genero. Rankings are assigned on a case-by-case basis as determined by our Community and Client management teams.

I have a Quality Ranking, what happens next?

Genero regularly posts briefs that are only open to creators ranked Silver and above. Additionally, ranked creators may occasionally be contacted directly for location-specific or time-sensitive opportunities.

As you complete more work on Genero, your ranking will be periodically reviewed.

Keeping your ranking

The key to keeping or improving your ranking is to pitch regularly, along with ensuring excellent completion of commissioned work on Genero.

Any ranking may changed (or removed entirely) based on several factors including - but not limited to - client feedback, consistent work on Genero, overall professionalism, or any other reason as determined by Genero.