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Who is Payoneer and what do they do?

Founded in 2005, Payoneer is a leading global payout company accelerating growth for its customers by improving the way they pay partners, affiliates and independent workers in more than 200 countries.  Payoneer’s complete solution includes: prepaid debit cards, global bank transfers, mobile payments, and local e-wallets.

What is the Payoneer card?

Payoneer provides a Prepaid Debit MasterCard® card which can be used to make purchases online, in stores, and at ATMs. Like any other MasterCard® card it can be used worldwide where ever MasterCard® is accepted.

What benefits does the Payoneer card offer you?

The card will be connected directly to your (partner) account so that your affiliate payments can be sent directly to the card. The other main benefits of the card include:

- The account does not require a bank account
- Is an extremely flexible and easy to use payment method
- Direct payments from (partner) to the card also help to avoid the high costs and delays associated with traditional payment methods such as wire transfers.

How long does it take before you can access your Payoneer Card funds?

Once a payment is sent it is available for use within 2 hours, allowing you easy and immediate access to your funds.

What is the Payoneer Global Bank Transfer Service (GBT) and how does it work?

The GBT service allows users to receive payments directly to their local bank account in more than 200 countries and over 50 currencies:

- Withdraw funds from your (partner)account directly to your local bank account
- Localized in over 80 countries – payments sent from a local bank in your country, in your local currency
- Easy to use – one time setup of account details
- No maintenance fees

Can I select the currency for my GBT payment?

Yes, the GBT service supports over 50 currencies.  You will be able to choose your currency during the one-time registration process. Foreign exchange conversion rates are determined at the time of transfer, using rates of up to 3% above the official mid-market rates.  For a list of available countries and currencies, click here.

How long does it take for a GBT payment to be received?

Funds are generally available in your bank account within 1-3 business days for local bank transfers, and 1-7 business days for wire transfers.

How much time does it take until I get approved?

Payoneer applications are reviewed within several business days, after which you will receive an e-mail confirmation with further details.