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Welcome to the Genero Video Store

The Genero Video Store is a new and revolutionary new way to source videos. We have a library of over 6,000 amazing, affordable videos that can be re-edited for your project within days.

Think of it like a stock video footage on steroids, where instead of quickly being able to source some short scenes for your next video, you can get a complete, engaging, storytelling video. The videos were originally created for the Video Projects we've run for global brands and music artists but not selected by the client and are now available to be purchased and re-edited as required for your needs.

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How the Video Store works

Here’s a rundown of the process for completing a transaction via the Genero Video Store:

- Browse through existing videos, find an amazing video, and click Buy Now or Make Offer.
- If you’re making an offer, then enter your price in USD$ (Not sure what to offer?)

- Include a message to the filmmaker and describe the details of the intended project. Things like the artist, song, brand it will be used for are really important, as well any specific editing requirements. Be sure to also include links where relevant.

- The filmmaker will accept the offer, or respond with comments/questions. We'll email you with notifications when you should respond (make sure you add "" to your safe senders list).

- Once the filmmaker has accepted the offer you’ll need to make the payment to Genero before the project can proceed. We’ll hold the money until the project is complete. Pay by Credit Card or PayPal balance transfer (Credit Card payments are processed with PayPal).

- Once we’ve received the payment we’ll email you both with contact details so you can work together and complete the project!

- Once you’ve received your final video, then mark the order as “Complete” so we can pay the filmmaker. Once the filmmaker has been paid, all of the rights to the final video are transferred to you (unless you've discuss alternative terms). Congratulations!

Looking for a video? How to buy.

Browse the Genero Video Store to find exceptional video content that will suit your song, brand or project.

When you find a video you want to buy, click “Buy Now” if a price has been set, or “Make an offer” to set your own price (if allowed by the filmmaker).

In the Order Summary screen, you should give the filmmaker as much detail as possible about your project. If it’s for a song then provide a link to the song. If it’s for a brand or other project then explain in detail the type project, and include any specific editing requirements.

If the filmmaker allows offers, then enter your offer price. Not sure what to offer? Check out guidelines. You can update your offer amount at any time before the filmmaker accepts or declines your offer, and we’ll let them know when that happens.

When your order is placed, the filmmaker will check the details of your project. Then they’ll accept your offer, ask a question about the project, or decline the offer. We’ll email you at every step of the way.

You won’t be required to make payment on sale until the filmmaker accepts your project.

When the filmmaker accepts your order/offer, we’ll ask you to make payment. Payment is made by PayPal; either by Credit Card or by funds transfer. We’ll send you a receipt.

When payment is made we’ll email both yourself and the filmmaker with contact details. At this point you should work together to complete the project. Once the final video is completed and delivered to you, mark the order as “Complete”. At that point we’ll release payment to the filmmaker and you receive all rights to the video.

What price should I offer to buy a video?

Some filmmakers will allow you to make an offer to buy their video.

If you’re not sure what to offer, here are some tips:

- Browse the Video Store to get an idea for appropriate pricing.
- A film may have tens or even hundreds of hours of pre-production, production, and post-production.
- Filmmakers often pay for locations and gear hire, and pay and feed crew and cast during shoots.
- This is a unique and creative piece of art. Offer a price that's worthy of both the concept and execution of the film.