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Video Briefs

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How do I post a brief?

You can post a brief using our brief form. Genero will review your brief and work with you to get the brief finalised before launching.

What are the different brief structures I can use on Genero?

You can either ask filmmakers to submit creative ideas in the form of treatments for you to review and select a director (or directors) to commission, or fully produced videos for you to select from. You can read more about brief structures here.

Can I talk to filmmakers about their pitch before I make a selection?

Absolutely. You can message a filmmaker at the bottom of their treatment submission (or click the "message filmmaker" button) and you're free to have a call with them or even a face to face meeting.

We recommend communicating with filmmakers prior to making your decision if you have any questions about execution, creative direction, casting or locations, script details etc. and you can ask them to submit an updated treatment via the platform.

Can we visit them on set/location?

Once you've made a selection we'll send you the director's details and you'll be able to work with them in whatever way works for you. You can have pre-production meetings, visit the shoot, and have as little or as much involvement in the production process as you want.

Can I add additional users from my organisation to view submissions and manage the brief with me?

Yes absolutely. Contact the Genero team, and we'll add give them access to your brief and the submissions, with appropriate permissions according to your needs.

Can I share the brief within my company/agency, or with a client, to get approval before the brief goes live on Genero?

Yes. Once the brief is set up we can provide you with a password protected version that you can share with anyone you need to in order to get sign off for launch.

When and how do I have to pay?
You can either pay by credit card (or Paypal balance) when making a filmmaker selection(s) or, if you're an agency or large organisation, we can set you up for invoicing - just get in touch.
How do I write a brief

Finding a filmmaker to work with on Genero has never been easier, but if you want a great response from filmmakers, it’s important to have a clear and well written brief.

To help you get the best result, we’ve got some tips on writing your brief, to make sure you get the best engagement from our global creative community!

Step 1 – Key Details

Carefully fill out the key details section on the brief form. The higher the budget and the longer the brief is open for pitches, the more likely it is that you’ll get a strong selection of ideas. We can work with any production timeline, and get pitches within a few days, but for the best result, we recommend 7 to 14 days for treatment submissions (leave it open longer if you have more time though!), and 14 to 30 days for production, depending on the brief.

If you think you will have multiple people involved in the feedback process, or will need client/agency approval that might delay the rounds of editing and the filmmaker’s ability to deliver the final product, you should extend the video delivery date to allow for a longer production period, as filmmakers will plan to have the job complete by the date you set and some won’t pitch if the dates are unrealistic.

In the production location section, you can choose whether you want your video to be produced in a specific location or for your brief to be left open globally. For some videos, you might need the filmmaker to shoot with talent in a specific location, but keeping your brief opn worldwide will mean you get a diverse range of treatments from around the globe.

Step 2 – The Brief

A great way to start a brief is with a description of who the client is, what sort of filmmaker they're looking for and what kind of content needs to be created. For example:

‘Farmers First Hand’ is a social initiative to connect Tetley consumers with the farmers who make their tea so special. We are looking for an Indian based filmmaker to create a series of 20 videos, that capture warm and authentic stories about our farmers and tea production processes in India.

From there, you can provide as much information as possible, such as the purpose of the video, the intended platforms and formats required, what needs to be included in the video, your creative direction and as many other details as you have. Here are some additional tips for writing the brief:

  • Keep the audience in mind. Filmmakers may not always understand business/marketing terms (including jargon and acronyms), so be clear and simple with your message.
  • Make sure you include information under the right section of the brief, ie. audio/creative direction/brand details.
  • You can format a new heading by including ##### in front of a title (ie. #####Mandatories)
  • If your brief is not open globally, it should state clearly whether filmmakers pitching must be based in the required country, a citizen/resident of the required country, or just be available to shoot in a specific location.
  • A huge part of our community are animators! It’s great to include in the brief whether you’re open to pitches from animators or not.

Sharing links to reference videos are a fantastic way to inspire filmmakers and give examples of the kind of content you’re looking for.

Step 3 – Design

Once you’ve nailed your brief, you need to make it look good!

Upload a high quality logo and a thumbnail image for your brief, which will be used across Genero and for promotion of your job. The optimal size for this image is 588 x 408 pixels. Try to avoid excessive text or logos in this image as it may be too small to read, but do choose an image that is relevant to the brief and will stand out.

You can also upload a banner image, which will sit at the top of the brief and be used to promote your brief to the community. The ideal size for a banner image is 2400 x 400 pixels. If you don’t have any suitable images to use, we’d suggest searching for a creative commons image on a site like Unsplash. Make sure you choose a vibrant or emotive image that is relevant to your brief or the creative direction you would like filmmakers to take.

The banner image will sit behind your strapline/callout! You only have 50 characters for your strapline, so ensure it’s short and sweet, engaging and informative. For example: ‘Make an inspiring 30" Instagram video for eBay!’

That’s it!

Ready? Submit a brief here and note that we always check briefs before they go live and will work with you to give you any tips to improve it.

How do I use a public Soundcloud link when creating a Genero brief

When adding a public Soundcloud song to a Genero brief you must enable a couple of important settings. Follow the steps below to set up your song for use on Genero:

Click the "Permissions" tab. You must have these two options - Enable App Playback, and Display Embed Code - switched on.


Save change!

Now you can paste the link into the "Song Link" field when creating your Brief. Use the preview button in the Create Brief navigation menu to see how your song will look in the brief page.

Note: if you want to keep your track private (ie: users cannot view the Soundcloud link, share the track or download the track from the widget on Genero) then set your track as "Private" on Soundcloud. You'll still need to make sure App Playback and Display Embed code are switched on, as above.