Olafur Arnalds - This Place Was A Shelter
Submitted 09 April, 2013. View all videos.


One day, everything and everyone must leave. This
Is not a disappearance, just a travel to somewhere else,
A transformation, an evolution. Everything that lives
One day leaves an indelible mark, physical or psychic.
My trace will be there, in and around you, forever.

Today, it is time for me to go, to find this elsewhere. Be
happy for me. I waited for this moment for so long. Not
that I want to leave my current state, but I’ve lived here
so long, it is time for me to leave my place to another
one. You mean all the happiness I’ve lived here, and I’ll
let you all the love I had for you. For you to take care of
this heritage and to transmit it in time.