Dead Can Dance - Children of the Sun
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Irini, direct offspring of the Sun, takes her first breath as a human at dawn (location: lake Volvi Greece).

She uses her aerial dancing cloth to cut through time and space, on her way to awake and enlight humans.

She first awakes the dancers in the Thermal Springs of Lagada where we can see their struggle of their new birth. (They learn how to breathe again, try to stand for the first time, try to realize the new reality they are into and with the direction of Irini, they find the exit to the heavenly light.

Irini continues her journey to the mainland, (location Nymphopetres). She finds nymphs hiding in a petrified forest, since humans don't believe in them anymore, and gives them strength to dance out in the open again.

In the next parallel editing scene, humans, creatures of imagination (nymphs) and Irini, all children of the sun, dance together celebrating the light their father the Sun put in them, seen in color, in the eyes of Dimitra.